Go Premium

Discover Premium benefits and bring additional value to your licenses.

You may think: “Who are Premium Customer? How can I become one of them?”.
Ok, that’s it! Premium customers simply are customers with all licenses under an active maintenance contract.
What are their benefits? Check them here below!
  • Premium licenses
    Free monthly licenses to manage peak period activities, travels, etc. (as many Premium licenses as CAD licenses in use), refilled on a yearly basis.

  • Remote use/Virtual Machine
    Possibility to run remotely DPT products through Windows Remote Desktop Session or to install them on virtual machines.

  • TDViewerPlus
    Free subscription licenses (ASF), one for each CAD license in use; the viewer with TTeamDOC also allows you to access TTeam projects.

  • License for interns
    Possibility to get for free, upon request, 1 subscription license (ASF) of a special version of TDProfessional.

  • Exports
    Possibility to move your licenses for free from one computer to another for a certain number of times depending on the Premium status achieved.

all in v.2022-2023
at least 1 in v.2019-21
at least 1 in v.2015-18
at least 1 in v.2014
at least 1 in maint
none in maintenance
Premium licenses
New PL
Exports per year Unlimited 20 10 2/PL, 3/ASF 1/PL, 2/ASF
Remote use/VM
License for interns
Utility tools


Premium Customers can get:
  • 1 free TDViewerPlus ASF for each CAD license
  • additional TDViewerPlus ASF at 100€/year
  • TDViewerPlus ASF floating, but the number of TDViewerPlus licenses will be halved

Active Customers can get:
  • 1 TDViewerPlus ASF at 100€/year for each active CAD license
  • additional TDViewerPlus ASF at 200€/year

Not Active Customers can get TDViewerPlus ASF at 200€/year.

Remote Use/Virtual Machine:
  • free for some Premium customer
  • +20% for the active licenses of all other customers.

21 days before the expiration of the maintenance/subscription contract, Premium licenses, free TDViewerPlus licenses and all other Premium benefits will no longer be available .