Go Premium

Discover Premium benefits and bring additional value to your licenses.

You may think: “Who are Premium Customer? How can I become one of them?”.
Ok, that’s it! Premium customers simply are customers with all licenses under an active maintenance contract.
What are their benefits? Check them here below!
  • Premium licenses
    Free monthly licenses to manage peak period activities, travels, etc. (as many Premium licenses as licenses in use), refilled on a yearly basis

  • Permanent licenses
    Possibility to purchase them if you already own at least one

  • TDViewerPlus
    Unlimited number of free ASF licenses

  • ThinkAPI-GSM
    Free ASF licenses

  • TDirectRW converters
    Free ASF licenses if you have an active TDXchangeReader

  • Free permanent licenses’ recovering
    after hardware crash or other events implicating license loss

  • Unlimited exports
    Unlimited number of licenses’ export/import

  • TDProfEducational licenses
    Possibility to add them for free for interns

  • Licenses regularization
    Certificate of use of regularly purchased licenses and normalization of licenses obtained through other channels, as well as exclusion from the lists of the organizations that verify the compliance of licenses in use at the companies

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