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Discover Premium benefits and bring additional value to your licenses.

You may think: “Who are Premium Customer? How can I become one of them?”.
Ok, that’s it! Premium customers simply are customers with all licenses under an active maintenance contract.
What are their benefits? Check them here below!
  • Premium licenses
    Free monthly licenses to manage peak period activities, travels, etc. (as many Premium licenses as CAD licenses in use), refilled on a yearly basis

  • Permanent licenses
    Possibility to purchase them if you already own at least one

  • TDViewerPlus + TTeamDOC
    Free ASF licenses, one for each CAD license in use; the viewer with TTeamDOC also allows you to access TTeam projects

  • ThinkAPI-GSM
    1 Free ASF license

  • TDirectRW converters
    1 Free ASF license

  • Unlimited exports
    Unlimited number of exports/imports (12 per year independently, others upon request), but only 2 exports if Premium 2014

  • Remote use
    Possibility to run remotely DPT products through Windows Remote Desktop Session

  • Premium licenses
  • New Permanent licenses
  • TDViewerPlus + TTeamDOC
  • ThinkAPI-GSM
  • TDirectRW converters
  • Exports per year
  • Remote use


ALL licenses under maintenance contract

  • 1/CAD license
  • 1 on demand
  • 1 on demand
  • Unlimited


SOME licenses under maintenance contract

  • 1/license under maintenance

Not Active

ALL licenses WITHOUT maintenance contract


TDirectRW is also available inside TDXchangeReader ASF.

Premium Customers can get:
  • 1 free TDViewerPlus ASF for each CAD license
  • additional TDViewerPlus ASF at 100€/year
  • TDViewerPlus ASF floating, but the number of TDViewerPlus licenses will be halved

Active Customers can get:
  • 1 TDViewerPlus ASF at 100€/year for each active CAD license
  • additional TDViewerPlus ASF at 500€/year

Not Active Customers can get TDViewerPlus ASF at 500€/year.

Remote Use:
  • free for Premium Customer
  • +20% for Active Licenses of Active Customers

21 days before the expiration of the maintenance/subscription contract, Premium Licenses and free TDViewerPlus licenses will no longer be available .


A = number of ThinkDesign licences without maintenance contract
B = number of ThinkDesign licences with maintenance contract

A =
B =

Click the SUBMIT button to find out how much you would pay on average to come back to maintenance and the value of the benefits you would get for free.
Please note that the amounts are approximate as the estimate considers by default TDEngineering product and the related price.
For a more precise quote, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Premium campaign is a marketing initiative and, as such, it is applicable at the discretion of DPT. Therefore, it can also be interrupted or modified, in whole or in part, without notice. In particular, this can occur in the event of any irregular use - even if only suspicious - by customers with Premium status.
An illicit use of the DPT technology can in fact result in the immediate suspension of the privileges that this status entails until the violation that has occurred is regularized.
All the companies using the DPT solutions that are part of a Group are eligible for Premium Customer status only if each of them is entitled to it.
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