An advanced parametric CAD dedicated to solid, surface and hybrid modeling.
A professional, versatile and, above all, comprehensive product.

ThinkDesign Professional

The full product version with all the features developed so far, a unique powerful solution, covering all the design process for a total design experience.

What do companies need?
To optimize processes
Streamlined procedures and high productivity tools
A complete solution covering the entire product definition cycle
DPT offers
All advanced surface modeling features
Mold Design & Die Design
Compensator & Reverse Engineering

ThinkDesign Professional allows the removal of the barriers to the communication in the various stages of the product definition since it is possible to make changes without losing the work done in other departments. In fact, thanks to the benefits of solid modeling, to the flexibility of the models of free-shape surfaces and to the extraordinary editing tool of GSM, modifications can be made with great creativity and precision to any type of shape, no matter if native or imported ones, while maintaining the full associativity and in a much shorter time than with the traditional approaches. Thanks to a set of extraordinary functionalities, the project finally materializes and turns into the product.

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ThinkDesign Styling

The perfect tool for high quality design to give form to your ideas. Concentrate on the creative part of the design process and forget about the software.

What do companies need?
To create distinctive products to market faster (Style sells)
To strike a balance between functionality and appearance
To design complex shapes
DPT offers
Very powerful creation and modification tools
High quality surface creation
Reduced time-to-market without sacrificing quality and look&feel

ThinkDesign Styling gives the designer creative freedom and dynamic control in real time. With its Target Driven Design, it frees users from the constraints of traditional design systems. Designers first set targets: points, curves or even the exact highlight they want to get on an object, then focus on the product shape and transform the project into a model that includes all technical aspects while preserving the original design intent. It is possible to preview every shape deriving from a modification made with GSM and select the required one only. TD Styling’s rich capabilities also include powerful tools such as Capping, Blending Curves and Blending Shapes, as well as Dynamic Morphing, Automotive Grid and Rendering.

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ThinkDesign Tooling

The ultimate hybrid solution for the creation of molds and tools allows you to manage great-size geometries, preserving and improving original model quality.

What do companies need?
To exchange files realized in multi-CAD realities
To easily introduce changes needed for the stamping phase
Efficiency in creating and modifying complex shapes
DPT offers
Full Hybrid Modeling tools
Global Shape Modeling (GSM) & Zone Modeling
Standard converters to import third-party files

ThinkDesign Tooling features innovative technologies that allow real-time modifications of complex models, libraries of 3D components and the most popular commercial catalogs. Since the management of files in various CAD formats of varying quality levels is a great challenge, it is very important to have the right tools to easily modify the models in neutral formats (IGES, STEP, etc.). A key element of the mold design process is still made in a “mixed environment” that brings together the speed of 2D and the quality and accuracy of surface and solid modeling: for this reason, TD Tooling offers a single 2D/3D integrated design environment.

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ThinkDesign Engineering

A comprehensive CAD solution with an integrated 2D/3D environment that addresses the needs of mechanical manufacturing companies.

What do companies need?
To optimize processes
To recover legacy data
To manage large assemblies
Robustness in solid modeling and flexibility in 2D environment
DPT offers
Solid modeling tools
Functionalities for sheet metal and mechanical parts libraries
Superbly integrated 2D and 3D environments

ThinkDesign Engineering is flexible, productive, easy to use and easy to learn. It addresses the needs of mechanical manufacturing companies by offering productive and reliable tools. From traditional 2D design controls to innovative and integrated 3D design functionalities in a single environment, it allows companies to define their products in a faster, more efficient and flexible way. Part modeling, integrated sheet metal functionality, tubing creation and management, advanced assembly management, frame creation, smart objects, animation, data exchange interfaces with other CAD systems, high availability of mechanical parts libraries, direct FEM/FEA interface -- all in one intuitive and complete product.

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ThinkDesign is available in different versions: find the right product for you.

Want to check all functionalities?

Read and download the PDF document with the detailed list of all our CAD products' functionalities.

2D or not 2D? That is the question.

No matter how Shakespearean it may sound, DPT is aware that Drafting is still very important for a variety of reasons: a large 2D archive to work on, dialogue with outside studios and customers using only 2D, product type not appropriate for 3D. Or, even though the advantages of 3D drafting are acknowledged, the time is not yet ripe in that specific situation or its extended use is still premature.

ThinkDesign Drafting

In order to meet customers' needs, DPT makes available the ThinkDesign Drafting solution, which allows you to:
maintain the traditional 2D design approach, re-use your legacy data archive with a modern, user-friendly and Windows standard tool;
have a full range of tools for creating final drawings compliant with the main standards for the technical drawing;

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Say goodbye to file chaos: welcome ThinkTeam PDM

ThinkTeam PDM can organize documents and components, managing different bill of material regardless of format and from the original. Use rules to structure and access methods of storing, automatically launching the original application for the modification of files or applications to display.

Why choose ThinkTeam PDM?

The possibility to share information between departments by fostering innovation and standardization of products.
Drastic reduction of low value added tasks, such as: information research, data entry, manual BOM generation, signatures and approvals, printing, etc.
Increase product quality by reducing errors during the entire product development process and generation of documentation.

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the ideal solution to import and save CAD files

Nowadays, the product development process involves the need to interface and collaborate with other companies, which are like rings of a long chain of partners and suppliers. For this reason, it is unrealistic to think that all data are created with the same CAD system.
The exchange of files realized in multi-CAD realities is probably one of the biggest challenges, one of the main bottlenecks to face in the production process.
It is therefore essential for companies to be able to accept CAD files created in different formats.


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