An advanced parametric CAD dedicated to solid, surface and hybrid modeling.
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GSM - Global Shape Modeling


Mold Design


Hybrid Modeling


2D or not 2D? That is the question.

No matter how Shakespearean it may sound, DPT is aware that Drafting is still very important for a variety of reasons: a large 2D archive to work on, dialogue with outside studios and customers using only 2D, product type not appropriate for 3D. Or, even though the advantages of 3D drafting are acknowledged, the time is not yet ripe in that specific situation or its extended use is still premature.

ThinkDesign Drafting

In order to meet customers' needs, DPT makes available the ThinkDesign Drafting solution, which allows you to:
maintain the traditional 2D design approach, re-use your legacy data archive with a modern, user-friendly and Windows standard tool;
have a full range of tools for creating final drawings compliant with the main standards for the technical drawing;

Data sheet

Say goodbye to file chaos: welcome ThinkTeam PDM

ThinkTeam PDM can organize documents and components, managing different bill of material regardless of format and from the original. Use rules to structure and access methods of storing, automatically launching the original application for the modification of files or applications to display.

Why choose ThinkTeam PDM?

The possibility to share information between departments by fostering innovation and standardization of products.
Drastic reduction of low value added tasks, such as: information research, data entry, manual BOM generation, signatures and approvals, printing, etc.
Increase product quality by reducing errors during the entire product development process and generation of documentation.

Data sheet

the ideal solution to import and save CAD files

Nowadays, the product development process involves the need to interface and collaborate with other companies, which are like rings of a long chain of partners and suppliers. For this reason, it is unrealistic to think that all data are created with the same CAD system.
The exchange of files realized in multi-CAD realities is probably one of the biggest challenges, one of the main bottlenecks to face in the production process.
It is therefore essential for companies to be able to accept CAD files created in different formats.


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