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Find out how Mikasa, a Japanese company manufacturing plastic bottles and caps, reduced the design time by 70% since the introduction of ThinkDesign.
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MATISA is a pioneer in the construction of railway maintenance equipment. Discover how ThinkDesign and ThinkTeam have optimized their manufacturing processes.
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ThinkDesign plays a key role in SHOEI's design process, enabling them to continue excelling in crafting their premium motorcycle helmets.
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Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation is a multinational company that exploits ThinkDesign to continuously innovate the design and engineering of their products.
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Toyoda Gosei is part of the Toyota Motor Corporation group, and has more than 70 years of experience in delivering top-notch products and services based on synthetic rubber and plastics and associated mixing technology.
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Del Vicario Engineering is a medium-small Italian firm that aims at innovation by investing in technology, in advanced software programs and in youth, forming actual formative alliances in its district.
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A Japanese furniture manufacturer with a thorough knowledge of wood and a great passion for trees. Karimoku aspires to make furniture that creates a comfortable living space and will continue to be loved as a lifelong partner.
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Unipres’s mission is building the future of automobiles through stamping technology. As a global manufacturer of automotive components, Unipres is involved in the design process of new vehicles from the planning stage, and provides manufacturers with technology proposals that take into consideration the most relevant issues.
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DID Institute integrates all kinds of design disciplines such as industrial design, mechanical design, graphic design, packaging design and commercial space design, constantly aiming to develop its diversity and flexibility, by going beyond the time and the design concept.
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Next level yacht design with ThinkDesign.
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