DPT Partner Products provide specialized tools fully compatible with ThinkDesign.

thinkline is a historical reseller partner of DPT in Germany. Thanks to the remarkable experience gained through the years, thinkline helps manufacturing companies to boost and improve their productivity.
thinkline not only supports customers with great professionalism, but the deep CAD software knowledge of its team has also made possible to develop some innovative and specialized solutions perfectly integrated in ThinkDesign.


Easy to learn and simple to use, it allows to save on average 84% of time compared to manual electrode construction. tl-Elektrode covers nearly all time-consuming routines of electrode design by automated calculation. Just a few clicks are required to create project reports that contain all necessary data for the EDM process.
tl-Elektrode reduces significantly the time needed for electrode design and eliminates all human errors caused by the wrong insertion of coordinates.


tl-Control is an innovative software solution for the quick creation of 3D measurement points directly in ThinkDesign. The measuring points generated can be used in a measuring machine or in a machine tool with export and import functionalities. Users get a nominal-actual comparison with measuring protocol.


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tl-Elektrode tl-Control

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