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DPT strongly believes in youth and in the power of education.
This is why we partner with Schools and Universities to put ThinkDesign
and its innovative next-generation industrial design technology into the hands of future designers and engineers.

thinkStart provides the access to every feature of ThinkDesign, in fact you get the same software that professionals use every day at work.

Thanks to the complete e-Learning area, you can also sharpen your skills outside the classroom,
wherever you are, whenever you want.


  • All the licenses you want

  • The state of art of our technology

  • Full version of ThinkDesign

  • Floating licenses for easy installation

  • Access to the e-Learning area

  • Access to the ThinkDesign Help docs

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The software can be used for educational purposes only and not or commercial purposes or for any other purpose. For this reason, the form can not be filled in by a single student but by an entity that acts as a guarantor (Institute, University, etc.). If you are a student, involve a Professor and bring thinkStart to your School!

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