thinkStart – Success stories: Istituto Tecnico Nautico Caio Duilio

Three players involved and a win-win-win strategy for DPT, Istituto Tecnico Nautico in Messina, Sicily and Intermarine S.p.A., one of the most important Italian shipyards.
The three parties have established a virtuous and profitable relationship, promoting working culture, educational innovation and the link between education and work.



The school “Istituto Tecnico Trasporti e Logistica Caio Duilio” in Messina has been awarded the first prize ex aequo at the Active Teaching – National Award 2016 – supported by Confindustria and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research -, created to promote the best projects among educational institutions and companies in the field of educational innovation.

It’s a fact, nowadays School keeps a constant eye on the labor market. A self-oriented educational proposal and not aimed at the after-school reality, in fact, does not match the needs of our age and the challenges it proposes.

The project, addressed to 4th year students, focused on the alternation between school and work, integrating the classroom lessons with an internship in one of the most important shipyards, Intermarine SpA, which designs and produces vessels for commercial use, for leisure and for defence.
The project was structured in two parts: the first one included classroom activities preparatory for being integrated in the company and the second one consisted in an internship at the shipyard.

Thanks to thinkStart, DPT/think3 educational program, and the valuable work of Prof. Fabio Pioggia as an intermediary, Istituto Tecnico Nautico has received for free the full version of the ThinkDesign software, already used at the company Intermarine, which has in fact recommended and encouraged the use of it also in the School.

thinkStart is an accredited educational program that allows DPT/think3 to establish valuable relationships with Schools and Universities in order to put its innovative next-generation industrial design technology into the hands of future product design and development professionals. thinkStart provides the access to every feature of the software, online training and licenses updates.

Thanks to the complete e-Learning area, students could study in depth the topics discussed during the lessons.
Moreover, to the teaching staff’s great satisfaction, students were able to learn very quickly ThinkDesign and they became proficient in a fraction of the time necessary to learn other CAD softwares.