Top 10 Features: Hybrid Modeling – Part 3

In this article we are pleased to present the experience of a very keen and passionate customer, Moredesign, who found in ThinkDesign functionalities the possibility to satisfy the needs of quality, design and effectiveness required in developing his own products in favor of creative design.


Moredesign is a group of more than 10 designers offering companies of any merchandise field a global support for the activity of research and development: from brand identity to advertising, from industrial design to engineering.
The product, the services and the company structure are analyzed in order to deduce strength and sales arguments. The company values become protagonist of a continuous dialog with the marketing and research & development managers, and ideas do not stop any longer…
It takes care of the company and the product in in all the stages of development: concept, 3D modeling, rendering, engineering, prototypes, industrialization, up to the quality check of the single part. Interprets the needs of the client and enthusiastically accepts all the challenges. Applies innovation by tightening the relations of the designer-company couple by ensuring the guarantee of the final result.

Rideable bulldozer realized by Moredesign for Adriatic Srl


The need of obtaining a quality result springs from the combination of a creative professionalism with a qualitative approach starting from the very conception of a new product idea. The phase of creative concept is accomplished by thinking of the feasibility of details from the very start, and of the number of parts to be produced. In the example in the picture, the toy “Rideable bulldozer” is already described in very first sketches describing its guidelines.

The flexibility of the instruments offered by ThinkDesign in the development of the 3D model turns out already in the very first stages, making it possible to use the sketches in the definition of the 3D detail.

In fact, it is possible to import the images of the sketches directly into the model environment; these images represent the guidelines on which to sketch the curves of the main sections. This permits to follow with extreme accuracy the 3D shapes decided in the concept phase, respecting the creative intent.

In ThinkDesign, the unique modeling environment permits to use solids, curves and surfaces in the very same working environment. The opportunity to work inside a single model, with no need to distinguish between assembly and parts, makes it much easier to have a global view of the product and enables to modify the single parts “in context”, making the rest of the geometries of the remnant details follow.

At each design moment, thanks to the analysis tools, it is possible to keep under control the quality of the surfaces – particularly drafts and undercuts – and to verify the silhouette curve and the feasibility of the detail, thus permitting to anticipate the evaluations on the final aesthetic quality of the product.

Thanks to Hybrid Modeling, alternating solid modeling commands for the constructional details to the advanced surface commands in the creation of complex shapes, enables the users to design very rapidly a product that is contemporarily good-looking and functional.

Finally, the unique modeling environment enables users to have a global view, to perform a final mockup of all details for the Rendering phase and for the presentation of the project.


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