DPT Announces New Partnership with Ansys

Seamlessly integrating ThinkDesign with Ansys solutions for enhanced product design and simulation processes


DPT is proud to announce a new partnership with Ansys, global leader in engineering simulation products.
This strategic collaboration will bring an exceptional level of convenience and efficiency to engineers and designers by seamlessly integrating ThinkDesign with Ansys Discovery and Ansys Mechanical, empowering users to bridge the gap between design and simulation with unprecedented ease.
The integration with Ansys Discovery will mark a significant evolution in our offerings, as it serves as a simulation tool crafted for engineers new to simulation or those aiming to swiftly explore design alternatives. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it enables engineers to effortlessly configure simulations and analyze results without necessitating extensive FEA expertise.
The integration of ThinkDesign with Ansys Discovery and Ansys Mechanical promises a seamless workflow that will lead to faster time-to-market, reduced design errors and a heightened focus on innovation. In fact, introducing simulation earlier in the design process will empower users to validate new designs more quickly and accelerate the development of products.
The advantages of working in an integrated product development environment, spanning from 3D modeling to analysis and simulation, are many and concrete:

  • Streamlined design-to-simulation workflow: seamlessly transfer 3D models from ThinkDesign to Ansys Discovery and Ansys Mechanical, eliminating the hassles of data conversion and resulting in more efficient and accurate simulations.
  • Real-time design validation: the integration enables real-time design validation, significantly reducing the chances of errors and ensuring a smooth transition from CAD design to simulation. The creation of very accurate models of the product, which can be used for analysis and simulation, leads to more precise predictions regarding product behavior under various conditions.
  • Enhanced productivity: engineers and designers can now focus on their core tasks without the frustration of dealing with data conversion issues. This results in increased productivity and creativity.
  • Increased competitiveness: the integration will enable companies to reduce product development time and accelerate time-to-market, as any problem can be identified and corrected in the early design phase, thus reducing the number of prototypes and errors during production.


“Our mission at DPT is to empower engineers and designers with innovative tools that streamline their workflows and enhance creativity. This partnership represents a significant step towards achieving that mission.
The synergy between DPT and Ansys leverages our complementary technologies, unlocking significant value for our customers,” says Fabrizio Giudici, CEO at DPT.
Sebastien Allibert, Technology Partner Manager at Ansys, emphasizes, “The partnership between Ansys and DPT opens new possibilities for our customers. By seamlessly integrating advanced simulation capabilities with cutting-edge design solutions, we aim to redefine how engineers approach challenges. This synergy ensures optimized designs and reduced development cycles, ultimately empowering our users to innovate with confidence and precision.”
The integration of ThinkDesign with Ansys Discovery and Ansys Mechanical will be available to customers with the release of ThinkDesign 2024.