What's new in ThinkDesign 2024

The latest release of ThinkDesign includes several improvements.
Find below a brief descriptions for the main new features and enhancements.

Ribbon User Interface

Accessibility and space efficiency

A more intuitive, well-organized and easily navigable interface empowering users and enhancing their design experiences.
Instead of the old menus and toolbars, the new ribbon-based UI organizes commands into tabs and groups allowing you to swiftly locate them.

2D Graphics Layer

Enhanced 2D graphics performance

A cutting-edge graphics layer optimized for the most advanced graphics cards in order to allow users to experience unprecedented 2D graphics performances, better exploiting GPU capabilities.

PMI - Product Manufacturing Information

Support of STEP AP 242 format

Reduce the unnecessary use of 2D drawings, boost production efficiency and enhance communication with the supply chain by embedding essential manufacturing details directly into the digital 3D model within ThinkDesign.

Intersection between Mesh and Surface, Mesh and Mesh

Expanding the Intersect Curve command

Until the previous release, the command allowed the user to compute intersections between surfaces and create the intersecting curves. With ThinkDesign 2024, Intersect Curve has been significantly enhanced to enable the selection of meshes for intersecting surfaces with meshes and meshes with meshes.

Thickness analysis for 3D printing

Optimizing material usage and reducing print time

Verify if the model meets minimum thickness requirements for successful 3D printing. This new command helps you avoid potential printing issues like warping, collapsing, or excessive fragility due to inadequate thickness, while promoting an efficient use of resources and cost-effectiveness in production.

Integrated workflow between ThinkDesign and Ansys

Plug-in for Ansys Workbench available

Starting from version 2024, ThinkDesign is providing an associative integration with Ansys Workbench, and this is available to all ThinkDesign users, empowering them to bridge the gap between design and simulation with unprecedented ease.


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Data Exchange

File formats update

Discover the newest supported formats in TDXchangeReader and TDXchangeWriter.


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